Rule #1 – Lead Through Relationship

Rule #1 – Lead Through Relationship


We can always claim to be in pursuit of change, but most of us are actually looking for constants in our lives – sources of habitual comfort. This tendency is acceptable for many, but leaders who want their teams to grow and prosper will have to anticipate disruption if they want their organizations to rise above the rest and deliver meaningful change. To kick off Season 1, Charlene will take you through the 3 major pressures facing leaders today, and why the outdated perception of leadership as authoritative is so harmful to any organization wishing to embrace and side-step disruption.


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During this episode, we discuss:

  • Why I’m passionate about disruption.
  • The three significant pressures impacting leaders today.
  • Perpetual change requires a new set of rules for leadership.
  • What does it mean to be a leader versus the best leaders for whom we’ve ever worked?
  • Leadership is a relationship between those who aspire to create change and people inspired to follow them.
  • Leadership requires practicing followership, defining the type of relationship you want with followers.
  • To be relationship-focused, leaders need to move on from traditional command-and-control models of leadership.
  • Author Gary Bolles gives an example of the new type of relationship needed, that of a leader or manager becoming a guide.
  • Relationships mean that we aim for excellence instead of perfection because no relationship is ever perfect.

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